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I’m a bit of a skeptic...
FAQ n. 19. Power Vision System - I’m a bit of a skeptic...

I’ve been doing the exercises. I was taught by a therapist. I started 15 months ago (I wore contact lenses –4.75 and –4.50) and now I wear –2.25 and –2.00 ones. My recovery has been going very slowly but - it does goes on. Now I’m doing by myself, repeating a few exercises that my teacher has revealed me.

I think it’s not Bates’ method, because I’ve read many books on the issue and I know that the Bates’ method is based on relaxation. Sincerely, for a thousand times, I’ve been depressed and disappointed to the extent that I wanted to be operated on (by laser) since I desperately want to see well without the help of any means.

I’ve spent a lot of money on glasses, contact lenses, liquids, therapeutic sessions...

I’ve always been interested in learning -- above all else -- on what I need. I would also like to speed up my sight improving (if possible).

Believe me, I’m very interested in all that you say, but let me be a sceptic about buying something without having an example on its being completely effective.

Please, give me some examples of your method, at least, to let me understand how it works so I can decide whether to buy it or not.

I completely understand your being interested in learning of this issue.

- Answers David De Angelis
Actually, my being interested in learning and knowing more, has caused me to purchase many a rip-off on the issue. Once I bought a “book” on “visual re-education” at 25 dollars (on site). I know they have cheated me: 25 dollars for 12 pages! Using the same “metric”, POWER VISION SYSTEM should be offered at substantially higher price.

I think you are going in the right direction, since you’ve improved your sight so remarkably. I think your Trainer is excellent.

As I wrote, my system is mainly based on:

1) using the lenses of OPPOSITE dioptric power to the ordinary worn ones (for example myopes should wear POSITIVE INSTEAD OF NEGATIVE LENSES). Such a system acts on the ciliary muscle’s overaccommodative state. KEEP IN MIND: there’s a specific way to graft focusing (normally, it is an automatic process. The system is called ocular CRB MOVEMENT).

2) increasing coordination and ocular mobility: do this simple test – fix your vision at the top of your nose, standing in front of a mirror at 1 meter distance (if you are able to see your nose well from that distance, otherwise come nearer the mirror). Carry out SYMMETRIC rotations at maximum range of ocular movement, TURNING your face (for example: as up as you can, towards left, towards right, always as much as you can) KEEPING ON fixing at your nose.

You will see that in some parts of your visual field (if the movements are symmetric and at maximum range) the image will become double (or, at least, you’ll be troubled in maintaining fusion of the fixed point, in this case of your nose).

It means that point 2), through the exercise of muscular working at MAXIMUM range, will lead you to remarkably better fusion, which is needed -- and BASIC for perfect focusing, since the image must fall on central fovea (the most sensitive Retinal part); otherwise it would be blurred (it depends on how far from central fovea the image falls).

Keep going on this way and TRUST in what you’re doing. When you see well again, not only you will SEE clearly, but you’ll also be aware of having done something really SPECIAL in your life and you’ll UNDERSTAND that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you do believe it you can get it.

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