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Is there any limit for practicing your method at an “elderly” age?

FAQ n. 22. Power Vision System - I’m thirty now and probably the “shape” of my eye (if hyperopia depends on the shorter eye) can’t be modified a lot, at least, not as much as in childhood: is this true or false? Despite the present boom of refractive surgery and the associated billion-dollar business, I’m suspicious about such methods. I’m a hyperope with +4.5 for my left eye and 20/20 in my right eye. Lately I’ve been thinking of starting to wear a blindfold over my right eye to force the left one; as once, a long time ago, I was ordered to do so by an oculist—but probably the “shape” of my eye can’t be modified as much as it could be in childhood.

Is it possible by practicing with your method that we can get positive results? Is there any limit for practicing your method at an “elderly” age?

Just one question more—but I wouldn’t like you to misunderstand it: Why do you want to sell me your book, if you are pushed by so great a praiseworthy and altruistic desire to spread and share your discovery and your knowledge?



- Answers David De Angelis

I can understand your doubts completely. You say, “I’m thirty now and probably the ‘shape’ of my eye can’t be modified as much as in childhood. . . . ”I ask, Who has said that? What kind of science is that statement based on? Who has ever stated that muscular tissue can’t be modified or get used to suitable stimulus through specific exercises? People who deal with such issues professionally have no time to explain to you certain things (if they even know about them). Sometimes it’s easier to put a pair of glasses onto someone’s nose than to spend time explaining and above all teaching you about this method. Usually, the person who checks your sight also sells glasses, and not everybody is ready to work their way out of their visual defect: they prefer to accept the opinion that nothing can be done to resolve refractive errors. Everybody is free to choose what he wants and likes, even though it may only be a temporary“ quick fix.”

Age doesn’t make any difference for getting positive results in working with the system: PVS is based on physiological concepts that work well at any age. As long as you are able to “command” and control your ocular movement, you’ll also be able to restore your ocular symmetry and consequently your “central fixation”—which is fundamental for clear, distinct vision.

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