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Hyperopia and Recovery: How the PVSystem acts
FAQ n. 16. Power Vision System - Hyperopia and Recovery: How the Power Vision System acts in natural healing in hyperopia. Some explanations on the physiological bases...

I’m hyperope (+ 4 Right Eye, and + 4.50 Left Eye) and astigmatic. I would kindly ask you to explain me what would your method consist of in my case? Please, if possible, give me further information on how I could use it (buying a book etc.)...

- Answers David De Angelis
Hyperopes have problems in focusing on near objects, since hyperopia is the complete OPPOSITE of myopia.
Power Vision System is based on fundamental physiological principles, which are common to both refractive errors. (A positive refractive status is hyperopia and a negative refractive status is myopia.)

The most important and basic principle for the Power Vision System is the SAID concept (Specific Adaptation to the Imposed Demand). This principle is well known in Physiology (and in sports training) and it means that the body has natural ability to get used to the induced stimuli.

Let’s take an example from sports (there’s endless number of examples): an athlete who trains his muscles and physiological systems (for example: cardiovascular and respiratory system.) with induced loads in specific training. Such loads will cause a bodily response – an adaptation. In Bodybuilding, for example, such a response is represented by anabolism, actually, by muscular hypertrophy.

In the case of treating refractive errors like myopia and hyperopia, the stimulus (the key factor for creating bodily adaptation, in this case – of the eyes) must be SPECIFIC and suitable for achieving the long desired results.

It’s interesting to point out that such stimulus must be MASTERLY directed (so as to have positive results – recovery – and in our case it means visual error regression until, in due course , complete recovery). Otherwise, in the opposite case, it could cause the OPPOSITE results.

Now, you can see that every stimulus, badly imposed (directed) to the visual system, like viewing, wearing lenses or glasses in conditions when the eye could view correctly without them (for example a hyperope, who views distant objects wearing positive “correcting” lenses, RUINS his own sight, causing OVERcorrection, which has negative effects on his proximal accommodation, when he takes off his lenses).

A completely opposite process works in case of myopia: a myope who wears glasses or contact lenses in near activities, worsens his refractive state furthermore, creating over-accommodation. When he takes off his glasses, his distant vision will be even worse.

I’ve said all of this to encourage you understand that any stimulus (for example: wearing lenses opposite to the ordinary worn ones – negative instead of positive lenses or vice versa) if used masterly, according to some PRECISE principles, leads to positive adaptation of focusing system.

The SAID Principle must have specific and differentiated use for each visual error, although it works well for both errors – myopia and hyperopia.

Such SPECIFIC instructions are carefully explained in the Power Vision System.

There’s also a solution for your light exo/eso-phoria: to restore perfect ocular muscles symmetry through specific training of your extrinsic ocular muscles. Do you know that these little muscles are of the STRIATED type and have the same structure as your biceps muscle (sarcomere: cytosine, myosin)? When you understand it, you’ll be able to figure out that they have the same characteristics in training as any other bodily muscle. The laws are equal, but their use in practice is specific and different. The treatments should be directed, at first, to using “Natura Medicatrix” and Natural laws, before using any artificial mean.

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