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For the Sceptics in Scientific Community

Such system for treating undesired refractive states of the eye is not likely to be easily accepted by a great many people in the scientific and/or medical community -- but that is NOT excessively important to the people who have started to SEE more clearly with their own eyes -- and without wearing minus glasses or contact lenses.

To be clear, it must also be mentioned that there are scientists who believe in this preventive method by use of a plus lens, and have used it successfully on their eyes to clear their distance to normal. Further, there are also people in the medical community who recommend preventive methods – as the second opinion.

Considering that the validity of any preventive or curative technique is based on direct proof with the patients and with reference to a strong scientific basis (actually the method is based on physiological laws governing the natural eye’s behaviour.)

I would like to say to ALL THOSE, WHO HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT the Power Vision System and its validity in gradual clearing of myopia and other visual disorders, that it is THEIR responsibility provide a rationale to answer the following questions related to the SCIENTIFIC BASIS FOR THIS METHOD:

1) PROVE that overaccommodative stress, which is driven by excessive accommodation at near, DOESN’T INCREASE accommodative strength. bringing about a worsening (negative change) in sight.

2) PROVE that wearing minus glasses and contact lenses, DOESN’T bring about accommodative increase in muscle tone and therefore worsening sight.

3) PROVE that the SAID Principle (Specific Adaptation to the Imposed Demand) DOES NOT work well, and also for structural and functional adaptation of the visual organs. PROVE that muscular training and training with blur-driven accommodation, wearing “preventive” lenses (that Power Vision System is based on) DOESN’T create adaptation of the eye’s refractive status on the basis of the Physiological SAID Principle.

4) EXPLAIN the reasons why a myopic person is obliged to wear stronger and stronger minus lenses. This is DIFFERENT from the fact that the very same person has become used to wearing the current minus lenses and therefore the current overaccommodative state (produced by the minus lens) necessarily worsens his sight.

If just one of these questions doesn’t have a WORTHY answer, it means that the Power Vision System is EFFICIENT and has a SCIENTIFIC BASIS.

I hope that I will be able to find scholars within the scientific community of engineering, ophthalmology and optometry to back up the Power Vision System and “my” theories in order to wake up “those employed in that sector”, AND to help the people who have the motivation to reduce or end their dependency on minus-lens glasses or contact lenses. Our goal is to help them clear their sight – gradually and naturally.

My advocacy will necessarily change “THE BUSINESS” from its traditional sight-practices with a minus lens. I believe that every physician OUGHT to help his patient in understanding this alternative methods -- specifically helping you to recover from this “disease” -- and not inadvertently make you part of an “the assembly line lock-step method” of using a minus lens on the great mass of children. A great many patients are not even aware of the potential for effective prevention – because no one has the interest to provide you with this critical information about effective prevention. Created by Aser srl