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TABLE OF CONTENTS (Book: How I cured my Myopia)

Preface - My story

How to read this book

Theory -- Physiological bases of the Power Vision System -- Accommodative/Focusing Stimuli -- The way Power Vision acts

The Etiology (Cause) of Myopia: How you become nearsighted

Power Vision Test -- Verification of Symmetry, Convergence and Co-ordination of the Extrinsic Ocular Muscles

The Reason Why Wearing Glasses Prevents Recovery

III - Retinal Defocus -- Active Emmetropization and SAID Principle

Myopic Defocus: Definition

Prevention and Treatment of Myopia with Positive Lenses

THE AUTHOR’S EXPERIENCE IN CLEARING HIS DISTANT VISION -- My Own Experience on Importance of Decreasing Over-Accommodative Stress and Maintaining “Blur – Driven Overload”

Practice -- Muscular Training and Gradual Retinal Defocus

The Secret of Perfect Sight

Stress --The Autonomic Nervous System and Sight

The Nervous System and Sight: Getting the State of Comfort Back

The Other Methods of Visual Re-education -- Advantages and Disadvantages

Dr. Bates’ Method

The New Age of Visual Re-education

The Importance of Informing and Awakening the Masses: Take on Yourself the Responsibility for Your Ocular Health

Questions and Answers on Power Vision System

Appendix 1 – The Norms of Sight Preservation



Recommended Literature

The Interview with David de Angelis -- What pushed you to write this book?

The Concept of Legal Ownership

The Origin and History of Visual Standards Created by Aser srl