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Am I supposed to buy an ophthalmologic kit?
FAQ n. 18. Power Vision System - Where can I find “training” glasses? Am I supposed to buy an ophthalmologic kit? I’m sorry if it seems like I’m wasting your time, but ever since I read about your experience I haven’t been able to think of anything else but your successful result. I’ve started living with the great hope that, one day, even I could give up wearing my glasses.

From what I understood, your “method” is based on intelligent use of positive lenses for myopes. I suppose, the lenses should have a different dioptric power in order to follow sight evolving and the only problem I have at the movement, is to get them. Am I supposed to buy an Ophthalmologic kit or it’s better to have a new pair of glasses made from time by time? I would kindly ask you to let me know more about it.

- Answers David De Angelis
For God’s Sake: NO Ophthalmologic kit.

You can easily find the glasses you need at pharmacy or drug store but also at large stores like K-Mart or Wal-Mart (at $10 to $15). You’ll need glasses +1, +2, and +3 (if you’re myope). The COMBINATION of these lenses (for example +3 with +2) will lead you forward in your training by increasing the stimulus (later on, when you reach higher level) you can add also +4 lenses, creating +7 stimulus together with +3 lenses. You can buy such glasses at a REDICULOUSLY low price. (MUCH lower than for a pair of ordinary minus prescription glasses, which go for $100 or higher.)

Training with such glasses will lead you to THROWING AWAY your glasses FOR EVER (no matter what kind you are wearing at the moment) and, in the worst case, to improving your sight a great deal. It depends on YOUR practicing with commitment.

The method and means (actually the TECHNIQUE) does exist!

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