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The Accommotrac: its limits and potentiality
FAQ n. 20. Power Vision System - The Accommotrac: its limits and potentiality.

I also tried the Accommotrac, getting some good results, but not as good as I expected. I’m myope at –0.75 D in my right eye and –1.25 D in my left eye.

Why should your method work better than the Accommotrac? I’ve also read Bates. I never wear glasses and, actually, my sight hasn’t worsened a lot in these years, despite the fact that I’ve been working at computer a lot.

- Answers David De Angelis
I’ll do my best to explain to you about Accommotrac Vision Trainer limits -- and why the PV System WORKS WELL.

As you can surely remember, the eyes must point at central parts of visual field in training with Accommotrac: it means that your gaze must be directed and “blocked” towards ahead.

The same very thing happens while wearing glasses, but then, the eyes are NOT “stimulated” to view at the LIMITS of ocular movement range, which is much wider than the ordinary used one, when wearing glasses. This kind of functioning is “abnormal” and with time, it jeopardizes extrinsic ocular muscles’ functioning (as for functioning, at first, I mean their flexibility, strength, resistance and coordination).

As you probably know, your ocular capability of viewing is characterized by involuntarily ocular movements, which are extremely fast – so called SACCADIC movements.

When ocular basic endowments become weak -- because of working at a limited range (as it happens wearing glasses or in training with Accommotrac) the eyes gradually lose their full saccadic movements’ functioning and, consequently, their focusing ability.

As I’ve already explained in the Power Vision System, the Accommotrac WORKS WELL, but it has its own LIMITS, which could be OVERCOME supplementing it with the techniques as described in the PV System.

I think it’s important to point out that training by use of a focusing machine could be replaced with a System, which isn’t based on the sound, but on proper Visual biofeedback.

The latter system consist in CLEVER use of the lenses that are OPPOSITE to the visual error (if you’re myope you should train wearing the lenses for hyperopes). However, nothing could be improved by simple wearing of the opposite lenses, because there is very precise technique to be followed.

Such a procedure would be better not only for your sight, but also for your pockets, considering that one Accommotrac session costs about 70 Euro.

However, the most important thing is personal COMMITMENT AND EFFORT in carrying out the PV System TECHNIQUE for some time. In this case we should remember the principle: Knowledge is worthless, unless you USE it.

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