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What is your advice for using training lenses? What dioptric power should I start with?

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What is your advice for using training lenses? What dioptric power should I start with? I have myopia and strabismus. My right eye is –6 ast. and my left one is –6.25 ast. –2.25.



- Answers David De Angelis

You are quite lucky since your myopia is almost equal in both your eyes.

a. You can find the glasses you need at an optician’s, drug store, or in most large stores.

b. and c. As for dioptric power, you should be able to train with reading a book or newspaper, creating a state of slight fogging.

Try to create it without lenses, while reading. Try to move the book away from your eyes until you create this slight fogging. Then, carry out the CRB movements, and, in the end, blink, to relax your eyes.

Important: You must create a certain, basic ocular strength and flexibility through stretching at maximum ocular range. At the beginning, your self-focusing system (now “frozen” because of wearing glasses and contact lenses for years) will be reluctant to work, but trust and believe in the system and keep going on.

At a certain point you will see that after CRB movements all that was previously blurred now becomes clear. When you understand this principle, everything will be only a matter of great patience and perseverance.

The eyes get used to the lenses with time, and therefore you must increase the stimulus (either moving the text away or increasing dioptric power of your training lenses).

d. The feeling of this “work” is very personal. However, by opening your eyes wide, you will feel some eye stiffness.

You must try several times, changing your lenses until you find the most suitable ones. Start without lenses (if you can) or wear your present glasses with another additional pair over, with positive lenses +1 and +2. You must create fogging before carrying out CRB movements.

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