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Why does it take less time to achieve better visual acuity with the Power Vision System than..

FAQ n. 27. Power Vision System - Why does it take less time to achieve better visual acuity with the Power Vision System than to notice sight worsening, that is, wearing minus lenses for myopes?

- Answers David De Angelis

You can expect faster improvement in such cases if the program of sight rehabilitation is carried out correctly: at first acting over muscular properties and the symmetry of oculomotor muscles, and later on over suitable retinal defocus, constantly following the rules of visual hygiene. In such case, the improvements are faster than when wearing minus lenses for myopes, because of wrong use of hyperopic retinal defocus.

When we are subjected to overaccommodative stress and defocus negative stimuli, wearing glasses with minus lenses causes your eyes to adjust toward counterbalancing/compensating for hyperopic defocus. (This also happens when a myope views near while wearing full negative correction.)

With the Power Vision System, the refractive (defocus) stimuli don’t happen by chance. Once aware of the effect of negative stimuli on your refractive ability, you should do your best to lessen the overaccommodative stress (either by wearing undercorrection or plus lenses), or you should work directly with myopic retinal defocus in the case of myopia.

Chance stimulation leads to slow adaptation, because the stimuli are directed without being aware of the reason. Being aware of stimulating our refractive system, as happens in the Power Vision System, lets us achieve positive results much faster, because the more we are aware of stimuli and induce them voluntarily, the more often they are repeated. At the same time, we should lessen and consciously avoid negative stimuli (overaccommodative stress). The sum of such stimulating leads to adaptation and consequently refractive change.

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