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Focusing with CRB movement at far distances

FAQ n. 43. Power Vision System - I’ve been doing the exercises from your Power Vision System for two months, because I have very high myopia. I am able to focus on text perfectly, doing CRB movements, and now I hold it at a5-inch distance (at first it was 6 inches)! Some days ago I thought I could carry out CRB movement while viewing the landscape (houses, streets, people), and I was able to make my vision clearer and sharper.

Now I’m able to distinguish even distant targets and read license plates and registration numbers, billboards, traffic signs—all that was a dense fog before. Yesterday, doing CRB movements, I was able to see perfectly each single rock on the mountain behind my home.

Is all this dangerous for my eyes? Can I go on or I should restrict myself to only train by reading a text?

- Answers David De Angelis
I’m very glad that you’ve put the PVS program into practice. Since you’ve noticed the first improvements and as your refractive capability changes, depending on the specific imposed stimuli, the next step is to keep doing the exercises. It’s very important to adapt the training load on the base of already obtained improvement. Load, in this case, means the capability of focusing the low state of blur/fogging at ever further distance (for myopia). Load also means the relationship between the lens power and the reading distance.

There’s no contraindication for carrying out CRB movements even for distant targets (license plates, billboards), but it is a procedure aimed at restoring the right ocular relaxation, which is necessary for correct focusing. When all the steps of your improvements become stable, you won’t need to carry out such a procedure, and you’ll be able to see without any effort or will. It’s true that CRB movements let you learn how to focus distant targets voluntarily, but the final goal is to make the sight be what it really is: a natural and spontaneous ocular capability.

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