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Mitigate near point stress, wearing low undercorrection, or positive lenses (for myopia)

FAQ n. 45 Power Vision System - I wear +1.25 lenses at the office (I should correct 1 D) for two  hours a day, all week long. Is it reasonable to wear +1 glasses at home, even without reading, and for how long should I do it? As long as the eyes are subjected to near-point stress, it’s reasonable to do our best to mitigate overaccommodative stress, wearing low undercorrection, or, if necessary, positive lenses (for myopia).

- Answers David De Angelis
All the activities that require near vision (like reading, writing, working at a computer, or any other kind of indoor work) contribute to such stress. The use of positive “leisure” lenses (in the case of myopia) should be limited to two cases:

a. To prevent myopia that hasn’t shown up yet. In this way we can (optically) shift the focal point with lenses, eliminating or mitigating overaccommodative stress (near-point stress).

b. Leisure lenses for stable myopia. We can use them together with(but they cannot replace) ocular stretching or retinal defocus.

As far as I know there’s no contraindication for wearing low positive lenses (for low myopia) and low undercorrection for high myopia, indoors and at any other “safe” place (like home). However, when using lenses, a person must consider his own and others’ personal safety as well as any possible danger that could come out of slightly blurred vision.

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