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Critics (non scientific) about Power Vision System from a Researcher...

FAQ n. 46. Power Vision System - I’m a researcher and I work in Italy, but I also collaborate with some American and Australian universities. Our research deals with experimenting with new treatments for ocular disease and refractive errors. I’ve been working in a team for over ten years and we’ve been holding congresses worldwide for over thirty years. Every day hundreds of scientists, who know outer and inner ocular structure better than their own pockets, are discovering new techniques that could contribute toward healing ocular pathologies and visual errors.

We have explored your site very carefully and, at least in the beginning, we were very interested in it, but later on our interest changed into amusement. With time even amusement faded away and was replaced with moral worry.

Only scientists (as we are) can understand that the false promises of “your technique” are aimed only at selling your “magic” book. I would like to let you know that thousands of desperate people would follow anywhere a prophet who preaches curative formulas(which are indecent from a scientific point of view) to resolve their problems.

- Answers David De Angelis

First, thank you for your e-mail. I’m very sorry I caused amusement among you—the people who work in the ophthalmologic sector—and furthermore, I’m sorry I was your “moral worry.” All that I learned, I did because of the great (unfortunately)ignorance that reigns over refractive errors. Let me add something else: if a “moral worry” must exist, I would look for it in the million-dollar business in glasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery.

I would like you and your team to give me more solid criticism on what I wrote on my site. I think you should see what I state in my book. I’ll personally send you a copy.

I accept any criticism, as long as it’s based on scientific facts and reasoning, but not simply saying “You can’t.” Only ophthalmology is considered a “closed science”: we have been working with the same assumptions for over a hundred years. The first of them is that ocular structure is “fixed,” like a camera’s, and that it doesn’t change depending on someone’s visual environment.

One theory on axial myopia (a deformation of the ocular globe)shows that with time, such a deformation (the retina itself) shifts, looking for the right focal point.

I’m sorry that you and your staff see me as a kind of “enemy.” It would be much better to weigh thoroughly all that I wrote and experimented on my own eyes, reading my book carefully, examining what I state, and comparing it to scientific deductions. Each of my statements is backed up (as much as I could do so)with scientific works of international value. They are listed in the References.

Changing one’s accommodative balance, the average of visual stimuli one gets every day (manipulating his visual environment optically), we can also change his refractive state: at first temporarily, and then summing up all the little adaptations, we can get more stable variations. This happens to myopes when doing the exercises of “disaccommodation” with positive lenses and undercorrected glasses, artificially creating a myopic defocus.

I would like you and your staff not to see me as “a visionary without morals” but as someone who is keen on sight and has spent thousands of hours of his own time studying scientific works. Moreover, I undertook this with my own money, without scholarships or being sponsored by companies that take part in selling or the “business of sight” (as often happens with “worldwide congresses” that are sponsored by such companies). Now, let me ask you something: How much independent judgment is granted to the real and scientific possibility of preventing and of curing myopia, if such congresses are based on and sponsored by “technical sponsors” that are interested in selling, and therefore are not interested in anything that releases consumers from buying glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery?

If I threw dust in the blind’s eyes I would deserve to become blind myself. On the other hand, if I kept silent on all that I’ve learned, I would be a partner and ally in a vision business like the current one.

I’m at your complete disposal for any further explanation you need.

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